Toor Dal

Toor Dal is a staple in Indian Diet. Most of Dal preparations of both North and South Indian cuisine is based on this dal. Its distinct taste makes it a popular choice in most of these preparations. Whether it is a dal-based dish for special occasion or for daily uses, Toor dal finds it relevance.

The high demand of Toor Dal does result in low quality varieties in the market. Especially in the Toor dal that is imported, there are higher chances of lower quality.

VRK Impex sources high quality Toor Dal from Vikarabad District of the state of Telangana. We did through search for international grade Toor dal that retains its goodness for a longer period of time and can be exported.

We have identified such sources and all our Toor Dal is procured from there.

Vacuum Free packing ensures that this premium grade Toor Dal retains its quality.

  • Premium grade procured from Vikarabad, Telangana
  • Retains freshness for longer period.
  • Packets available in multiple weights
  • High quality product at competitive prices