Ponni Rice

There is a myth that rice is not the best choice for someone who is health conscious. This does leave many of those who love eating rice and also are concerned about their health, in a fix.

Many of the options branded as healthy rice do not meet the purpose.
However, thankfully this is not always the case.

The Ponni rice that we source from select designated farms and mills in Kerala, is considered to be one of most nutritious rice that is available.

Our Ponni Rice is also an ideal option for patients suffering with diabetes and such for its easily digestible quality.

We ensure that the goodness of the rice is not lost in process of procuring and supplying it you, through our effective storing, packaging and supply mechanism.

  • High quality rice that ensures health benefits
  • Exclusively sourced from Kerala
  • International grade finished rice
  • Available in multiple weight options
  • Packaging retains freshness