Sonamasuri Rice

Sona Masoori is one of the more sought-after rice varieties. This medium length rice is ideal for most of the south Indian cooking, especially its lightweight nature making it aa staple across households for everyday cooking.

The higher demand for Sona Masoori does also mean that traders’ resort to mal practices in mixing up low quality rice with Sona Masoori to meet the demand.

However, with VRK Impex you can be rest assured of the quality being supplied. We have a wide network of farmers and rice distributors from whom we source rice directly, hence there is never a question on the volume of our stocks.

The Sona Masoori Rice that we procure is from Raichur in Karnataka and Nagpur in Maharashtra, two regions famous for the production of this variety of rice. The specific brand of rice that we procure, and supply is Sona Gold. The rice that we supply is at least one year old and perfectly aged for cooking.

  • Direct and extensive procurement
  • 100 % quality checks
  • Minimum One-year old aged rice
  • Export Quality
  • Rice Bags available in different weights
  • Value for Money