Matta Rice

The uniqueness of Matta rice is well known and well desired. Popular in Kerala, Karnataka and other parts of south India, it does retain a special connect with the expatriates who belong to these places.

However, getting good quality Matta Rice outside India is a challenge.

We at VRK Impex have scoured fields, mills and supplier across the country and have identified the source for the best high-quality Matta Rice that can be exported i.e Kerala, which also is the place of origin. Therefore, bridging the gap between authentic matta rice and those who are living abroad.

The fields that we procure rice have rich black soil that provides its unique flavour. We have also ensured that our suppliers follow the traditional method of parboiling that provides Matta rice with its distinct coarse and reddish look.

Our rice is ideal for a variety of south Indian rice-based dishes. It also offers higher nutritional value.

  • Sourced from select fields and suppliers from Kerala
  • Authentic parboiled Matta rice
  • High quality rice that retains the higher nutritional values.
  • On time and effective delivery